Monday, September 04, 2006

Cowl Games 2006

Due to popular demand Elvis once again appeared at the march down the street at Dunoon, the weather was changeable but it didn't spoil the party atmosphere, the crowds as usual were excellent and certainly appreciated Elvis's return .

It was great to see family members and friends support the band this year, hopefully with a bit of persuading there will be more Elvis lookalikes joining us on the march.

We now look forward to next year when we hope with a bit more practice and commitment we will win some silverware.

Top right "The Elvis Salute" Bottom pic shows a young standard bearer who is the niece of snare drummer Andrew Gallacher, nice hats girls. Elvis wigs next year.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Worlds 2006

Worlds 2006 at the Glasgow Green, unfortunately some of the pics are of poor quality but you can see what a nice day we had. We now look forward to the Cowl Games Saturday 26th August Dunoon..

Pics show top left , the Pipe Major Brian and some of his flock, Base drummer Les & tenor Caroline, below - some of the Sinclair Family ( that guy George is always in the picture). and lastly the brothers grim.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

At Home

Taken at their home in Saltcoats, Matthew, Hazel, Matthew junior and Robbin with pooch.
glad we were fortunate enough to visit them on Monday 12th June for a short period.
Very impressed by Matthew Junior and Robin.

Thanks for the trout Matthew , I cooked it the following night, it was delicious, just have to learn how catch, gut and fillet properly in that order.
Next Xmas my list will include a good quality fillet knife..

Matthew junior, don't forget that autograph, when I am dead and gone Fraser can sell it on eBay for a fortune.

Robbin, one B or two ???, Jean and I were just saying what a beautiful looking girl, heartbreak material, keep smiling. no matter what you do in the future you will do well.

Hazel, one L or Two???, sorry we didn't get to know you better all those years ago, we all go our own way in life, but now that we have come in contact again possibly we can make up for lost time. look forward to you all visiting Motherwell some day, also learning to fish by the master.

This photograph was taken on Sunday 11th June 06, Alex birthday, at the Stables restaurant, Kirkintilloch.
Alex and Sarah were over from Philadelphia for the wedding of our great nephew Matin to Tasmin which took place on 3rd June in Paisley with the reception in the Dalmeley in Barrhead,
Great night was had by all

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Close shave

You mean just like this Calum, there is an invisible man lurking about, don't know how these hands appeared

I think I have added Adams Blog but for some reason don't know your Blog address, as soon as I work it out it I will add it to my links.

Conor looks like a leprechaun in this photograph

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The lads

Left to right, Big C, not so big H, even less big F and front even less bigger Conor .

I have created this blog with the influence of Adam Black and Calum Scott, nice to hear how other friends are getting on with their lives and utilizing their skills to assist others who are in great need. Just wish that when I was younger I would have had their courage. Anyway, with their and my blog I will follow their progress through their ups and downs , trials an tribulations.

I look forward to June when a couple of pints will be sunk with the return home of Calums and hopefully now my friend, young Adam and family from India, I hear that Adam in his younger days was able to put a pint away in secs, personally I prefer a nice malt.